Ústav fyzikálního inženýrství - obor Fyzikální inženýrství a nanotechnologie Ústav fyzikálního inženýrství - obor Fyzikální inženýrství a nanotechnologie
Odbor fyziky povrchů a nanostruktur




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OSA (the Optical Society) Student chapter of Czech Republic

ÚFI/Výzkum/Odbor fyziky povrchů a nanostruktur/Semináře     

Seminars of Group of Surfaces and Thin Films

Time: every Wednesday at 2 p.m.
Location: A2/201 (IPE conference room)
Suggestions for presentations are to be sent to Miroslav Kolíbal: kolibal.m (at) fme.vutbr.cz

Programme - autumn/winter period 2013

Date Speaker Topic misc.
4.6.2014Štěpán Stehlík (FZU Praha)Charging of detonation diamond nanoparticles investigated by Kelvin probe force microscopyInvited
28.5.2014Petr DvořákPEEM for plasmonicsJournal Club
Vlastimil KřápekQuantum dots and moleculesReport
13.5.2014, 11:00Jiří Červenka, The University of MelbourneTuning properties of graphene and diamond for sensor applicationsInvited
7.5.2014Lukáš Břínekn/aJournal Club
23.4.2014Tomáš Šamořiln/aJournal Club
Stanislav Průšan/aReport
16.4.2014Zuzana LiskovaGrapheneJournal Club
Zdena DruckmullerovaGold colloids on GaAsReport
9.4.2014Radek Dudan/aJournal Club
Petr DvořákFar-field vs. near-field experimentsReport
2.4.2014Zdeněk NováčekSubsurface AFMJournal Club
Meena DhankharReporting from her master studiesReport
26.3.2014Jan Neumannn/aJournal Club
Zoltán Edésn/aReport
19.3.2014Jakub SadílekMicrofluidicsJournal Club
12.3.2014Miroslav BartošGraphene oxide-based sensorJournal Club
Zuzana LiškováGraphene based relative humidity sensorReport
5.3.2014Miroslav KolibalResist stripperNew tool
Radek DudaThermal stability of gold colloidsReport
26.2.2014Michaela ŠimšíkováPlasmon-Resonance-Enhanced Circular DichroismJournal Club
Pavel ProcházkaReport from ETH ZurichReport
19.2.2014Josef Polčákn/aJournal Club
Jan ČechalDiffusion of gold through ultrathin oxide layersJust submitted
12.2.2014Michal Potočekn/aJournal Club
Tomáš Pejchal & Petr GlajcConstruction and commissioning of a Medium Energy Ion Scattering systemErasmus report
Tomáš NeumanRetreaving local near-field components from the s-SNOM signal in plasmonic nanoantennasErasmus report
5.2.2014Miroslav Bartošíkto be announcedJournal Club
Rostislav MěchStabilization of AuNPs by biomoleculesErasmus report
Jiří BabockýNanopatterning of organic molecules by soft lithographyErasmus report
29.1.2014Jindra MachEffect of oxygen on CVD graphene growthJournal Club
Radim Zahradníček & Roland KovácsGraphene-based solar cellsErasmus report
22.1.2014Miroslav KolíbalDeterministic assembly of colloidal nanorods on surfacesJournal Club
Dalibor ŠulcReport from Brookhaven National LaboratoryReport
8.1.2014Stanislav Vobornýto be announcedJournal Club
Jonáš GlossIon-beam induced fcc-bcc transformation of Ni stabilized fcc Fe films on Cu(100)Erasmus report
Tomáš DaoFabrication of Carbon-Silicon Schottky Barrier DiodesErasmus report
18.12.2013Petr Baborto be announcedJournal Club
Jan HulvaMolecular Beam MonitorErasmus report
Jan BorovskyDevelopment of Raman and Microfluidic Device for Sorting CNTsErasmus report
11.12.2013Michal UrbánekHigh quality cobalt nanowires prepared by EBIDJournal Club
Robert KlementMěření rezonančních vlastností plazmonických nanostruktur v transmisním a reflexním režimu spektroskopie dalekých políDiploma thesis
Jan BorovskyDevelopment of Raman and Microfluidic Device for Sorting CNTsErasmus report
4.12.2013, P5Wolfgang Knoll (AIT Vienna)Biomolecular Diagnostics - Optical or by Electronics?Invited
Jakub Dostalek (AIT Vienna)Plasmon-enhanced fluorescence biosensors: amplification strategy in fluorescence assaysInvited
27.11.2013Peter Bauer (JKU Linz)Electronic energy loss processes for slow H and He ions in metals and insulators: new insightsInvited
20.11.2013Eva Majkova (IOP SAS, Bratislava)Nanoparticle assemblies: study and applicationInvited
13.11.2013Vlastimil KřápekHigh quality cobalt nanowires prepared by EBIDJournal Club
Miloš HrabovskýDeposition of ultrathin film with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy using magnetron sputteringErasmus report
Petr MarešNickel adsorption on SrTiO3(110) surfaceErasmus report
6.11.2013Alexander Vaskevich (Weizmann Institute)Gold Island Films: Properties and Sensing ApplicationsInvited
30.10.2013Jan ČechalDirect CVD growth of single-layer graphene on CVD-grown hexagonal boron nitride filmJournal Club
Petr BaborThermal stability of gold nanoparticles on different supportsReport
23.10.2013Radek KalousekElectro-plasmonic effectJournal Club
Michal StaňoFabrication of NiFe nanowires by pulsed electrodepositionErasmus report
Tomáš LednickýFerromagnetic resonance (FMR)Erasmus report
9.10.2013Zbynek Novotny (TU Wien)The Reconstructed Fe3O4(001) Surface as an Adsorption TemplateInvited
2.10.2013, 14.00Stanislav Prusato be announcedJournal Club
Jan NeumanReport from Weizman Institute: Preparation of the regular array of gold islands on silica by dewetting and high temperature annealing of gold on silica surfaceReport
25.9.2013, 14.00Eric Fullerton, UCSDShining light on magnetism: controlled magnetic switching with femto-second laser pulsesInvited

Programme - spring/summer period 2013

Date Speaker Topic misc.
9.7.2013, 13.00Clemens Peter Simbrunner, JKU LinzThe Epitaxial Growth of Rod-Like Molecules and Implications for the Fabrication of Lasing Nano-FibersInvited
9.7.2013,13.00Helmut Sitter, JKU LinzColour tuning in organic light emitting diodesInvited
19.6.2013Michal KvapilOptical response of functionalized IR antennas
12.6.2013Pavel Procházkan/a
Friday 7.6.2013, P6, 14.00Marc Willinger (Max Planck Berlin)Dynamics in Metallic Systems and the Catalytic Deposition of Carbon Films studied by In-Situ Electron MicroscopyInvited
5.6.2013Miroslav KolíbalAtomic Layer Deposition
29.5.2013Michal PotočekSurface diffusion influence on thermal desorption
22.5.2013Jan Lorinčík (AVČR)SIMS: unsolved issues and latest trendsInvited
15.5.2013Josef Polčákn/a
Thursday 2.5.2013, 14.00. A5/U4Aileen Koh (Stanford University)Probing Plasmon Resonances in Noble Metallic Nanostructures Using Monochromated Electron Energy-Loss SpectroscopyInvited
24.4.2013Tomáš ŠamořilAnisotropic Wet Etching of Siliconn
17.4.2013Lukáš Břínekn/an
10.4.2013Jan Neumann/an
3.4.2013Jindřich MachAtomic and ion sources: Applications towards GaN growthresearch
26.3.2013Michaela ŠimšíkováThe nanoparticles complexes with biomoleculesreview
19.3.2013Stanislav Vobornýto be announcedn
6.3.2013Jakub ZlámalMechanical imperfections of STEM objective lensresearch
27.2.2013Miroslav KolibalWinter time at IBM ZurichReport
20.2.2013Miroslav BartosikWater meniscus and pull-off force in ambient AFMInvited
13.2.2013Vlastimil KřápekQuantum Dots Tuned for Quantum Teleportationn
6.2.2013VariousStudents presentations of IMPI projectsproject
30.1.2013K. Flipse (TU Eidhoven)Ferromagnetism and the role of defects in functionalized epitaxial grapheneinvited
23.1.2013Stanislav PrůšaLEIS on graphene
16.1.2013Martin KonečnýEidhovenErasmus report
9.1.2013Filip Ligmajer, Jiri BeranekUC London, MexicoErasmus report

Programme - autumn/winter period 2012

Date Speaker Topic misc.
19.12.2012Hana UhlirovaSeeing is believing - Applications of 2-photon microscopy for brain imagingReport from US postdoc
11.12.2012, 13.00Ronald Zirbs, Erik Reimhult (BOKU)Synthesis of core-shell magnetic nano particles, Functionalization of (nanostructured) biosensors and bio interfacesInvited
5.12.2012Jürgen Gerlach (IOM Leipzig)to be announcedInvited
28.11.2012K. Ta Phuoc (ELI)Intense lasers for the production of ultrashort relativistic electron bunches and x-ray flashInvited
21.11.2012Jakub Voňka, Jaromír BačovskýGrenoble - Cryogenic cell for studying natural convection in spherical enclosuresErasmus report
14.11.2012Ampere A. Tseng (Arizona State University)AFM and its applicationsInvited
7.11.2012Leszek Markowski (University of Wroclaw)Desorption Induced by Electronic Transitions from Ionic Crystal – Classical versus Quantum approachInvited
30.10.2012, A5/U6, 10:15Yannick Sonnefraud (Imperial College)Surface Plasmons – considerations about losses in cavities and in the quantum regimeInvited
30.10.2012, A5/U6, 9:15Roberto Garcia (Imperial College)Optical nanoantennas for influencing the emission polarization in organic emitters and other applicationsInvited
24.10.2012Martin Dvořák, Tomáš NovákAston - Carbon based materials for devices fabricationErasmus report
17.10.2012Azhar Ali Haidry (Comenius University)Gas sensors based on metal oxide thin films with micro- and nanostructured electrodesJob application
10.10.2012Michael Vich (ELI)ELI beamlines presentationInvited
3.10.2012Martin HrtonSan SebastianErasmus report
26.9.2012Jan BalajkaGrenobleErasmus report
19.9.2012Michal UrbanekMagnetic vortices imaged at Berkeley

Programme - spring/summer period 2012

Date Speaker Topic misc.
20.6.2012Tim Button (University of Birmingham)New Piezoelectric Devices Through Novel Ceramics ProcessingA4/501
13.6.2012no seminarno seminar today
6.6.2012Tomáš NeumannRecent progress in plasmon sensing using SNOMresearch
30.5.2012Ivo Vávra (SAS Bratislava)Nanotechnologie vo vede technike a v priroderesearch
23.5.2012W-D. Schneider (EPFL, Lausanne)Luminescence experiments with the scanning tunneling microscoperesearch
15.5.2012 13:00Hidde Brongersma (IonTOF)Unique applications for analysis of the outer surface and ultra-thin layers with High-Sensitivity LEIS
9.5.2012M. Bartoš?research
2.5.2012J.Čechal (MaxPlanck Stuttgart)Functionalization of metal-organic coordination networksresearch
25.4.2012n/a)no seminar todayresearch
18.4.2012Michal UrbánekSwitching vortex chirality in patterned magnetic nanodisks by nanosecond field pulsesresearch
11.4.2012Petr BaborSputter depth profiling of Mo/Si and Mo/B4C/Si nanosized multilayers by GD-OES, TOF- and magnetic SIMS, and TOF-LEIS: round-robin characterizationresearch
6.4.2012Petr Neugebauern/aFriday, 9.00!
28.3.2012Josef PolčákXPS during annealingresearch
14.3.2012Z. NováčekPiezoactuators - Design, measurement and progressresearch
29.2.2012n/ano seminar will be heldn/a
22.2.2012O. TomanecPlasmonic resonant IR antennasresearch
15.2.2012M. Kvapiln/aresearch
8.2. 2012M.PotočekSegregation and superdifusion influence in Ga/Si systemresearch
1.2. 2012Z.LiškováGraphene and lithography... Where is the dog buried?research
25.1. 2012T.ŠamořilApparatus for photoluminescence measurementsresearch
11.1.2012R.DudaTemperature modified Au colloidsresearch


Datum Jméno Název Soubor
5.6.2008J. ČechalFokusovaný iontový svazek: požehnání nebo zhouba? FIB
29.5.2008D. ŠkodaUhlík - "carbo" - dřevěné uhlí Uhlík carbo


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