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   Studying Physical Engineering



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OSA (the Optical Society) Student chapter of Czech Republic

IPE/Studying Physical Engineering     

Studying Physical Engineering

The development of state-of-the-art technologies demands interdisciplinary approaches and new ways of solving topical problems. To meet these trends the study programme in Physical Engineering has been introduced. Physical engineering is a curriculum designed to educate engineers to work in areas which overlap the boundaries of several traditional disciplines and where the physics ideas play an important role. The engineering physicist is an engineer whose fundamental motivation is problem solving rather than a quest for new knowledge of nature. The study is interdisciplinary programme and is being run in cooperation with Faculty of Science of the Masaryk University in Brno and with institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The cooperation is realized both by participation of the specialists in teaching and by the use of the unique instruments in students' laboratory practice. Furthermore, there is a vivid collaboration with several universities abroad established during the course of the TEMPUS project, the goal of which was to encourage the development of this study programme. In the early stage of the study the students are provided with firm grounding in physics and with fundamentals of engineering science supported by mathematics and computational skills. In the second part of the study the education is focused on engineering optics and surface and thin film physics and engineering. In the area of Engineering Optics the students gain both theoretical and experimental knowledge of light sources and detectors, of propagation of light, of the physics of lasers and their applications, of optoelectronics and design of optical elements and systems supported by CAD facilities. Further, they acquire experience in instrumentation and measurements, particularly in the use of optical measuring methods and optical instruments. In the area of Surface and Thin Film Physics and Engineering the students are trained in the field of surface modification and deposition of thin films of defined properties, in methods of their analysis, in design of relevant technological and analytical equipment and in technological applications in industry. The students are provided with the theoretical and experimental knowledge and skills in vacuum physics and technology, in principles of particle sources, in transport and detection of particles as well as in physical properties of advanced materials. The characteristic feature of the education process is the individual approach to the students at laboratories and seminars. In this way analytical, critical, problem-solving, communicational and design skills appropriate to an industrial physicist, including the ability to tackle problems from fundamental basis are being developed. The curriculum and teaching methods guarantee the flexibility of the graduates.

Prof.RNDr. Miroslav Liška, DrSc.

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