Ústav fyzikálního inženýrství - obor Fyzikální inženýrství a nanotechnologie Ústav fyzikálního inženýrství - obor Fyzikální inženýrství a nanotechnologie


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OSA (the Optical Society) Student chapter of Czech Republic


Charakteristics of the institute

The Institute provides the fundamental university physics course for all students of the Faculty in the first and second years and is also responsible for the Physical Engineering Study Programme introduced in early ninetieth. Physical Engineering is a curriculum designed to educate engineers to work in areas in which the technology is developing rapidly and in areas which overlap the boundaries of several traditional disciplines. At present, the three mainstreams are being developed in the Institute: Engineering Optics, Surface Physics and Engineering and Micromechanics of Materials. For students interested primarily in the design of instruments and application of optical elements in measuring devices and control systems engineering degree programme in Precision Mechanics and Optics is offered.

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